Met Office Aviation team prepare for winter onsite at easyJet HQ


It’s that time of year again when we send a team of specialist aviation meteorologists to work within easyJet’s Operations Centre. This year’s team comes from Met Office sites across the UK, with most returning after working with easyJet last year. But what is it like to offer on-the-ground support to this highly weather-sensitive industry? Aviation meteorologist, Emma Corrigan, give us an insight into her day-to-day work at easyJet operational headquarters… Continue reading

Why meteorologists need to work night shifts

019As a meteorologist I have often been asked, ‘Why do you need to work night shifts?’ And the simple answer is, because the weather doesn’t stop when everyone goes to bed!

Commercial airports require a Terminal Aerodrome Forecast, commonly known as a TAF, to remain operational and allow aircraft to land and take off. This is a coded forecast for pilots, describing the wind speed and direction, cloud height, visibility and weather for that airport for the next 9, 24 or even 30 hours ahead. Learn more…

Welcome to our blog…

iancameron_head-of-aviationWelcome to the first of many Met Office aviation blogs!

I lead the aviation services provided by the Met Office to our regulated and commercial customers ranging from ICAO through to balloonists.  I have been in the Met Office for 33 years starting as an observer at RAF Lyneham, then as a forecaster at military bases.  I spent several years in the RAF Reserve forecasting with the Mobile Met Unit (MMU).  Continue reading